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Four Reasons Why Website Localization is a Smart Business Decision

Posted by Emma Pautler on Mon, Aug 02, 2021

In today's online world, your website is your #1 business development tool. But is your website easy to be found, understood, and easy to do business within your target market? If not, it's time to invest in website localization -- you can't afford to wait any longer!

We worked with Fullerton Tool Company to launch two newly localized business development websites to help them reach their Spanish and French-speaking customers. Beth Bauer, the Marketing Content Strategist, says having localized websites to reach your target markets is “just a smart business decision!

When you're up against the international competition, your brand will look "amateur" without the proper website setup. Optimally localized websites are the key to growing your exports, sales, brand, and business in foreign markets, and they should be included in your export marketing strategy.

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How to Stand Out from Big Global Brands With Customer-Facing Content

Posted by Emma Pautler on Thu, Jul 08, 2021

Achieving marketplace recognition overseas to grow your exports, sales, brand, and business globally is not an easy task – you must "look through the lens of the customer!", as Davies Hood, president of Induron Protective Coatings, learned by working with us.

“I like to purchase domestically and in my own language and in US measurements. It made me realize our partners in different parts of the world like to do the same.”

At IBT Online we pride ourselves in being able not only to understand our clients’ businesses and their goals but also to have a tracked record of being able to build and promote brands that go beyond their domestic market.

IBT Online helped Induron think more like their international consumers instead of like marketing and salespeople, according to Hood; "this was a major mindset shift!"

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International Online Marketing: The Key to Increasing Inbound Leads

Posted by Emma Pautler on Thu, Jul 01, 2021

"My company chose IBT Online, and the results speak for themselves!" says Jonathan Szucs, the President and Founder of Advanced Superabrasives. "Within weeks of going live, our new websites in Mexico and Canada started generating over ten requests for quotes per week!"

That's huge for any small business that's entering a new market, just like Advanced Superabrasives.

Read how ASI worked with IBT Online to launch two new websites in Mexico and Canada and support their online presence in these target markets with tailored international online marketing strategies in both Mexico and Canada.

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International Ecommerce: How to Sell Globally On Your Website

Posted by Emma Pautler on Tue, Jun 15, 2021

Now is the time to start selling cross-border, but with only 20% of 2020 sales coming from  the US, if your ecommerce website is designed only towards your US audience, you're missing out on 80% of the sales!

We know that international ecommerce can be daunting. You need a robust ecommerce platform that is equipped to handle cross-border tax rates and shipping functionalities, as well as an enticing online store front. But that's where IBT Online’s expertise comes in with a secret weapon -- Shopify.

You may have heard of this dynamic ecommerce platform, but did you know they operate in over 175 countries around the world? IBT Online Global Programs are designed to leverage this platform by creating optimally localized dynamic ecommerce websites tailored to your target markets, by using Shopify's global platform. The IBT Online team is ready to get your international online shops launched.

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4 Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Website Just for Canada

Posted by Emma Pautler on Fri, May 21, 2021

Canada's proximity to the US and overall eagerness to do business with America make it ideal for market entry, and you can start online today!

But careful – this does not mean that you should treat Canada as an extension of your US marketing efforts. You need dedicated resources to ensure you will be found and understood by customers across the northern border. A localized website is a perfect way to start, and it will make it easier for your target market to do business with you and buy your products.

By having a dedicated, optimally localized website you will see your local traffic explode, your engagement increase, and your sales will grow exponentially!

How, you ask? IBT Online specializes in building localized websites and this includes Canada! Over the years, we’ve learned how to maximize online visibility in Canada, and we are sharing some of our secrets here. Specifically, why Canada is a critical global market and the top tips on how to showcase your company online, growing your exports, sales, brand, and business.

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Want to Build Brand Awareness and Trust? Get a local digital footprint!

Posted by Emma Pautler on Wed, May 19, 2021

Whether you have an in-house marketing department to help, or you’re planning on taking the challenge on yourself, website re-design can be a daunting project…

But with the right partner at your side, designing, launching, and tracking the benefits of your newly designed international websites can be easy!

IBT Online Global Programs have been designed to do just that – provide you with optimally localized business development websites, whilst taking the heavy lifting and all the technical aspects off your desk.

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IBT Online: Online Global Reporting and Analytics, and Performance Review

Posted by Joelle Lazzarotto on Sun, Oct 11, 2020

Now that your best practice optimally localized business development websites are live and gaining traction, it’s time to sit back and relax – right? Well, not here at IBT Online!

We know how important continuous measurement and analysis of website metric is to ensure your website can become your best asset for international growth.

We at IBT Online have been successfully building localized websites and delivering international online marketing for our clients for nearly two decades. Our data-driven approach aims at ensuring every optimization and strategic recommendations are based on specific data and are closely monitored to ensure we are always aligned with your business goals.

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