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Going global with your Chinese website

Posted by Bella zur Hausen on Mon, Apr 08, 2019

We all know China has the largest population (1.4 billion and counting) and that it is the world’s largest exporter. But China is also one of the world’s leading importers of goods. This means that for companies with export ambitions, China is too big to ignore. Companies looking to export in today’s global economy know that many of their prospective clients, suppliers, competitors… are probably Chinese. So the good news is that a website localized for the China market, gives exporters great access to this huge market. The trick is to make sure that website is perfectly localized – allowing your company to be found, understood and able to do business in China. Language is one of the most critical criteria for a localized Chinese website. This blog sets out some of our key findings of using online tools to help exporters access and succeed in China. 

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The United Kingdom's Online Environment Infographic

Posted by Samantha Soffici on Wed, Mar 27, 2019

The United Kingdom is one of the largest economies of the world (ranked 7th) and the third largest ecommerce market globally. The UK is also amongst the most connected and internet-savvy consumers and businesses anywhere. Some 95% of the population access the internet regularly. For US exporters, the UK is a prime destination market: large, accessible and with a low language barrier. It's a great market for exporters, especially those that get their online presence right!

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Calling all North Carolinian Exporters!

Posted by John Worthington on Mon, Mar 11, 2019

The North Carolina Online Global program is the fastest way to grow your international business. The top 3 benefits are: 1) be found, be understood and be easy to do business with in your top target markets 2) grow your exports, sales, brand and business faster and 3) access grants to invest in your international business development. Does that work for you?

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How different is Spanish in Spain and Latin America? Tips for a Spanish-language website

Posted by Bella zur Hausen on Tue, Feb 26, 2019

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world boasting over 400 million native speakers across 21 countries. These numbers make the Spanish-speaking world an especially appealing target for exporters. But this major trade language has variations that impact your global trade and online strategy. What are the differences between Spanish in Spain and Latin America? How different is Spanish to English? And most importantly from your online point of view, will one Spanish website cover all Spanish speaking countries? We want to share with you some of our experiences in helping our clients to get found, be understood and do business in Spanish-speaking markets using their online presence. 

Did you know that Spanish is….

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Germany's Online Environment Infographic

Posted by Samantha Soffici on Fri, Feb 22, 2019

Germany is the largest economy in Europe, fourth largest in the world and among the top 3 exporters of the world. It is also a massive importer. The powerhouse of Europe, Germany is a priority destination for many exporters. German consumers and businesses are wary of the internet but are nonetheless ardent users, with 90% internet take-up. Ready to do business with US companies, Germans look to the internet for information before buying. Make sure your business is credible to your German prospects: get online, get localized websites! 

Use online tools to your advantage to be found, understood, and transact your business in Germany. 

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Which South American domains should you register?

Posted by Tereza Santava on Fri, Feb 15, 2019

Domain registration is one of the first steps you need to take when creating localized websites for your export markets. South America is not an exception, but which domains should you register?

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How to Do Business in Germany with a Great Website

Posted by Bella zur Hausen on Wed, Jan 16, 2019

Germany is known as an export power-house. But did you know it is also the 3rd largest importer in the world? A localized German website lets you reach +100 million consumers and engage with this affluent, huge market.

Germany is known for being a huge exporter, but businesses importing to Germany also know that it buys a lot of non-German products. In fact, Germany is the largest single importer in the EU and the third largest importer in the world. So for businesses looking to grow their sales and brands in Germany, what’s the best way to be found, understood and do business? Get a localized German website. In this blog we share some of our experiences in helping exporters get great German websites. From German language characteristics to German market expectations, we show you what you need to know to grow your sales, brands and businesses in Germany.

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ASG Florida Online Global Export success

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Mon, Jan 07, 2019

The Florida Online Global (FOG) program has delivered for Avionics Support Group year on year export sales, business and brand growth. In 2017, ASG benefited from their first 2 online global websites in China and Mexico. Returns were rapid, proving a huge export success and ASG followed up with websites for Japan, Brazil, the UAE and Russia. Exports have grown by almost $5 million over this time frame.

How did this mid-sized Florida company do so well globally? With great management, great products, a great sales team and great international websites. ASG took advantage of the Florida Online Global Program to get international localized websites, allowing them to get found, be understood and do business globally. The Florida Online Global program: online tools to help Florida exporters grow their business, their sales and their brands globally. Let’s follow ASG’s journey to see how it’s done… 

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Videos: it's all about platform(s)

Posted by John Worthington on Wed, Dec 19, 2018

Want your videos to deliver global sales, brand and business growth? Then make sure you have the right platform! Online video platforms (OVPs) have come a long way, in terms of commercial communications and business functionality, in the last 10 years. Today, we have real choice, with multitudes of OVPs vying for space in what is currently the fastest growing trend of our digital era.

OVPs essentially propose four measurable services: hosting, publishing, managing and sharing. Depending on your communication and business objectives, there are choices to be made as you seek to optimize the success and hence the return on investment of your video marketing. Do check out our IBT Online  Video: the only way is up!  blog on the subject Read More

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Choosing your trade language: English, French, Spanish or Arabic?

Posted by Bella zur Hausen on Thu, Nov 08, 2018

What are the most spoken languages in the world? 

When your company decides to increase its exports, chances are language plays a key role in choosing which markets to target. Investing in that export market means investing in that language - and what are the costs and benefits of adding a language to your export base? Focusing on four of the most spoken languages globally, this blog sets out some of the main linguistic issues exporters face when expanding their businesses into new markets with different languages. What are the most spoken languages? How many countries speak Spanish, or Arabic or French? What knowledge of the language do you need to be competitive? How different is the language to your native language? And what about English – is it really a global language?  

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