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International Ecommerce: How to Sell Globally On Your Website

Posted by Emma Pautler on Tue, Jun 15, 2021

Now is the time to start selling cross-border, but with only 20% of 2020 sales coming from  the US, if your ecommerce website is designed only towards your US audience, you're missing out on 80% of the sales!

We know that international ecommerce can be daunting. You need a robust ecommerce platform that is equipped to handle cross-border tax rates and shipping functionalities, as well as an enticing online store front. But that's where IBT Online’s expertise comes in with a secret weapon -- Shopify.

You may have heard of this dynamic ecommerce platform, but did you know they operate in over 175 countries around the world? IBT Online Global Programs are designed to leverage this platform by creating optimally localized dynamic ecommerce websites tailored to your target markets, by using Shopify's global platform. The IBT Online team is ready to get your international online shops launched.

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Want to Build Brand Awareness and Trust? Get a local digital footprint!

Posted by Emma Pautler on Wed, May 19, 2021

Whether you have an in-house marketing department to help, or you’re planning on taking the challenge on yourself, website re-design can be a daunting project…

But with the right partner at your side, designing, launching, and tracking the benefits of your newly designed international websites can be easy!

IBT Online Global Programs have been designed to do just that – provide you with optimally localized business development websites, whilst taking the heavy lifting and all the technical aspects off your desk.

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Be found in Canada, localize your website

Posted by Emma Pautler on Tue, May 11, 2021

You have a well-designed, SEO-optimized US website, but you struggle to reach your Canadian prospects – sound familiar?

Although many Canadians speak English, your current USA-based English-language website is practically invisible to them -- that's how the internet works. The average Google search session lasts just under a minute, and with over 40,000 Google search queries happening every second, you have to stand out.

So how do you stand out? Having a localized website with a localized URL and relevant content for the Canadian market is the most cost and time-effective way to have an immediate online presence and be found in Canada! This will allow your target customers to find you and interact easily with your brand. Your Canadian website will appear amongst the top Google searches in Canada, building trust with Canadian prospects.

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"How do I stand out in this new Online Environment?"

Posted by Ava Mitzi on Thu, Apr 22, 2021

You asked, we listened! Every day, at IBT Online we help US exporters navigate the online global environment, supporting them to grow their export, sales, brand, and business internationally.

What was once called the ‘New Online Normal’ is now called the ‘New Reality’! The impact of COVID-19 has compounded the rapid advancement of technologies and the take off-off the online, digitally connected world and this trend is here to stay! So today, companies are facing new challenges that come with this online landscape. So how do you make sure to thrive as a company in this online environment and what are the tools needed? 

To help you stay ahead of the curve, we created a short video that answers the top questions US exporters ask us about growing their business internationally and online today!

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Setting you up for Success with Google Analytics

Posted by Joelle Lazzarotto on Thu, Apr 15, 2021

Having an optimally localized online presence is key, but don’t stop there! Understanding how your prospects, customers, and why not competitors behave on your website will give you the edge you need to continue growing your exports, sales, brand, and business globally.

Google Analytics is a free, yet fantastic analytics tool that gives you an extremely in-depth look into your Online Global websites' performance and how to leverage it.

Google Analytics is essential for your website as it will allow you to understand whom you are reaching, how they find you, and how they behave and navigate your pages. Having this information at hand will allow you to make strategic decisions for the future and therefore get better results from your website performance.

Having an optimally localized website for each target market helps you be found and be understood but having a clear understanding of the websites’ performance will give you the edge over your competitors.

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Top 3 Benefits of Website Redesign

Posted by Joelle Lazzarotto on Mon, Feb 15, 2021

If you’re asking yourself whether your website looks a little outdated, or maybe it has become slower and users are not interacting with it, wait no longer – IBT Online experts are here to help you make sure you can turn your website into your #1 business development tool.

Website redesign is not - or should not be!- just about the aesthetics; a functional, well-structured, secured website will help you achieve:

  1. Higher Traffic
  2. Improved Engagement
  3. Boost Conversions (or sales, for you and I)

How, you ask? Read more to find out how the IBT Online team of expert have helped US companies develop their website redesign strategy and turn their old websites into their best salesperson (no offence to your current team!). 

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4-Steps Guide to Website Redesign to Grow traffic, engagement and conversions

Posted by Joelle Lazzarotto on Tue, Feb 02, 2021

Your website is not only your digital shop-window, but if you get it right, it will become your #1 business development tool! 

IBT Online is here to help you change and update your website structure, format, content and navigation to improve your online performance, focusing on your target markets Local User eXperience (LUX) delivering best-practice, optimally localized website(s) which will grow your traffic, engagement and conversions.

But what does it takes to re-design your website? See below.

The thought of redesigning your website can be daunting. Don't worry, IBT Online has got you covered! Our Team of design experts have years of experience and will deliver you a first-class, top-ranking website.

Below we outline the technical process we follow in designing great looking functional websites to delight your end-clients and help grow your exports, sales, brand and business globally.


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Leverage the power of Video Marketing

Posted by Joelle Lazzarotto on Mon, Jan 18, 2021

How do you reach, engage and communicate with your international prospects?

Video is the answer!

Watch our very own Video Marketing Manager, Ava, as she shares some tips on how you can get started and incorporate video marketing in your international strategy!
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Exporting to Europe - where to start? Leverage Online Tools!

Posted by Joelle Lazzarotto on Wed, Dec 09, 2020

Europe is a top destination for many exporters.

To get it right these days you need localized websites and online marketing strategies that fit the European model. That includes being compliant with data privacy with GDPR.

Watch out experts as they review the European Online landscape and highlight key elements you need to keep in mind if you are looking to grow your exports, sales, brand, and business in Europe!

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How to increase your exports in the Arab Gulf States

Posted by Andrew Lawlor on Wed, Nov 25, 2020

Egypt and the Gulf States can be a very interesting target market for US exporters, but how can you ensure your are found, understood and become easier to do business with? 

The simple answer, go online!

In this new online world the best way to communicate and be found by your prospects, clients and partners is through localized websites and online marketing.
Discover what it takes to provide a unique online Local User eXperience (LUX) in their language and market.

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