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How to Do Business in Germany with a Great Website

Posted by Bella zur Hausen on Wed, Jan 16, 2019

Germany is known as an export power-house. But did you know it is also the 3rd largest importer in the world? A localized German website lets you reach +100 million consumers and engage with this affluent, huge market.

Germany is known for being a huge exporter, but businesses importing to Germany also know that it buys a lot of non-German products. In fact, Germany is the largest single importer in the EU and the third largest importer in the world. So for businesses looking to grow their sales and brands in Germany, what’s the best way to be found, understood and do business? Get a localized German website. In this blog we share some of our experiences in helping exporters get great German websites. From German language characteristics to German market expectations, we show you what you need to know to grow your sales, brands and businesses in Germany.

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Service Company Exporter Series: Are Service Firms Adequately Supported by U.S. State Export Development Programs?

Posted by Jared Grossman on Wed, Jul 18, 2018

This is the third in our 4-part Service Company Exporter Series that explores the challenges service companies face when exporting and what tools and support service companies might benefit from. Previously, we looked at the importance of the U.S. economy’s service sector as well as the most common barriers to export faced by manufacturing and service firms.

This blog compares the barriers to export faced by manufacturing and service firms, with the export assistance activities provided by U.S. state export assistance programs. As identified in the previous blog, service companies typically experience more export barriers than manufacturing companies and these export barriers tend to be more complex. 

As service firms engage in the exporting process, they often seek the assistance of state and federal export assistance programs to help them navigate the complexities of exporting. Thus, understanding whether state export assistance programs are providing the appropriate export assistance activities to service firms is important for both parties as they seek to bring more U.S. services to international markets.

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