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ASG Florida Online Global Export success

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Mon, Jan 07, 2019

The Florida Online Global (FOG) program has delivered for Avionics Support Group year on year export sales, business and brand growth. In 2017, ASG benefited from their first 2 online global websites in China and Mexico. Returns were rapid, proving a huge export success and ASG followed up with websites for Japan, Brazil, the UAE and Russia. Exports have grown by almost $5 million over this time frame.

How did this mid-sized Florida company do so well globally? With great management, great products, a great sales team and great international websites. ASG took advantage of the Florida Online Global Program to get international localized websites, allowing them to get found, be understood and do business globally. The Florida Online Global program: online tools to help Florida exporters grow their business, their sales and their brands globally. Let’s follow ASG’s journey to see how it’s done… 

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Farecla’s website localization and digital marketing in China

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Fri, Oct 05, 2018

Farécla Products Limited (Farécla) had decided to invest in a website for one of their most important export markets, China. But the website was not localized or optimized for the Chinese market. The contents had been translated into Chinese characters but without background expertise in how Chinese websites actually function or how to connect with prospective Chinese customers: the website was not fit for purpose. Management began reviewing possible solutions with IBT Online and we are proud to have helped Farécla build a great Chinese online platform for doing business: a fully localized, optimized and functioning website that acts as a springboard for social media, online marketing, ecommerce – in line with the company’s strategy to grow their sales, brands and businesses in China.

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Ocean Optics chooses localized websites and benefits from the Florida Online Global Program

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Fri, Jul 20, 2018

Renowned for its technology and ability to deliver, Ocean Optics has every reason to be confident of its global success. To make sure the Ocean Optics brand is showcased at its best, management decided to invest in its online footprint. As a Florida exporter, the company took advantage of the innovative Florida Online Global Program and in mid-2018, Ocean Optics boasted its first 2 fully localized websites for target export markets; Mexico and Brazil. IBT Online is proud to have helped them get online globally.

With headquarters in Florida, Ocean Optics was eligible for Enterprise Florida’s Online Global Program. As a public-private partnership, Enterprise Florida Inc. (EFI) is the principal economic development organization for the state. Working with IBT Online, EFI initiated an innovative program to help Florida companies with global ambitions get the right sales and marketing tools: international, fully localized websites and social media marketing.

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Custom Biogenic Systems: Visible Online to a Quarter of the World

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Wed, Feb 14, 2018

If you want to be a global leader, you need global websites – this was the conclusion of Custom Biogenic Systems' management. In 2016, IBT Online rolled out the first 2 localized websites for them: now 2 years later, Custom Biogenics is online, optimized and fully visible to their international clients and prospects, with 6 websites across 6 international markets. IBT Online first built 4 localized websites for Custom Biogenics for Europe: French, German, Spanish and Italian. In early 2018, the company decided to add Chinese and Russian. These 6 languages equate to over a quater of the world's population. This multi-website presence allows the company to push forward its international ambitions, growing together with the global biotechnology, pharma, industrial and research sectors that they service.

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Shire Post Mint: global appeal needs global websites

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Fri, Jan 12, 2018

Selling specialized products to consumers these days requires a fantastic website and regular postings of quality social media across multiple media platforms. Shire Post Mint from Arkansas do this well. Their US home website allows customers to browse and purchase easily while their blogs and regular social media postings include great visuals and engaging content. Now how best to grow internationally? Management chose to leverage their digital presence through localized websites and international online marketing for their key export markets. IBT Online is delighted to help: the first step was to build German and Spanish localized websites.

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Vapor Pin conquers Brazil ecommerce

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Fri, Dec 01, 2017

Vapor Pin Enterprises, Inc. patented the Vapor Pin®, which allows environmental professionals a means of collecting high-quality, low-cost soil gas samples within minutes. Management was convinced that Brazil would be responsive to ecommerce and they turned to their local, US-based web agency for help. Unfortunately, the local web company did not have the experience, the know-how or the tools and skills to build localized Brazilian ecommerce websites. IBT Online was proud to be called in to help fix the problem and get a great, functioning, optimized and safe localized Brazilian ecommerce website with an accompanying online marketing strategy.

Localizing websites is more than translating a few pages – it involves deep local knowledge, wide technical experience and strong locally-based search engine optimization skills. Ecommerce plug-ins also need to be suited to the local market, taking into account local payment habits, safety and compliance regulations. For Brazilian ecommerce, according to Director of Sales Laurie A. Chilcote, “everything is in place including, distributors, accountants, lawyers…now we need to get online”. It was the right time to call in IBT Online to ensure the Brazilian website was launched on-time and on-budget with a full ecommerce platform and online marketing strategy to power up sales.

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Holland Pump goes online global - boosting sales and brand awareness in South America

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Thu, Oct 19, 2017

Management at Holland Pump were keen to increase brand awareness in their key export markets. The solution was to use online tools, starting with localized websites, as the most effective means of building business and brand awareness rapidly. 

It made sense to start with South America as some of Holland Pump’s most attractive export markets are in the region, with large-scale mining, infrastructure and industrial projects. IBT Online was tasked with building the localized websites for Brazil and Mexico for starters. The localized websites allow Holland Pump to showcase their expertise to local prospective clients, reinforcing the trust that is so essential to the buyer’s journey.

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GCAPS - Building global brand awareness with social media

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Mon, Oct 16, 2017

The Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation (GCAPS) is a world-class facility, serving global clients for vehicle and tire testing and simulation. Given the global nature of the automotive sector, it makes sense for GCAPS to get online globally and IBT Online is proud to be assisting them.

Management felt their state-of-the-art and high performance testing facilities deserved a brighter spotlight, both internationally and in their US domestic market. Having an effective online presence today requires regular outreach through social media to your targeted local audience to build global brand awareness.

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ASG extend their global online presence with IBT Online

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Wed, Sep 13, 2017

Extending the online reach – building on success

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EuroDentalDepot – innovative ecommerce for SMEs

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Thu, Jun 29, 2017

EuroDentalDepot is the brainchild of VistaDental, where innovation is key to success. The company invents, patents, manufactures and distributes highly specific dental devices and equipment. For its home market, the United States, the company has built up a trusted network of distributors and has an established reputation for quality, built since its foundation in 1997. But for export markets, management were keen to fast-track its growth. Going online with great local websites coupled with a strong ecommerce platform provided the solution, and IBT Online was delighted to help from the outset.

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