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Vietnam's Online Environment Infographic

Posted by Joelle Lazzarotto on Tue, Jul 05, 2022

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With a young, digitally savvy population, a stable political system, a commitment to sustainable growth, and a very strong manufacturing sector, it's no surprise that Vietnam has become a key target market for U.S. Exporters! 

With more mobile connections than people, Vietnam is an exciting, highly mobile market! So, how can exporters ensure they are found, understood, and easy to do business with in such a busy and ever-moving marketplace? Get online and launch your localized websites! 

Use online tools to your advantage to be found, understood, and boost your business in Vietnam. 

The infographic below will help you understand Vietnam's online environment, social media, and ecommerce.

Our infographic shows you:
  1. The online environment of Vietnam
  2. Social media in Vietnam
  3. Ecommerce - What do they buy and how?
I hope you enjoy it, and happy exporting!

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