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Grow your CleanTech Export Sales – Go Online

Posted by Emma Pautler on Tue, Sep 26, 2023

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Hero Image for CleantechTo take your CleantTech business to the next level you need to embrace digital solutions!

Lindsey Coshell, CEO of AquaNaka, realized that her company needed to embrace digitalization to stay competitive and ambitious within the CleanTech space. Digital sales and marketing solutions were fundamental to overcoming this challenge as buyers across the industry are expecting seamless customer experiences. 

AquaNaka is a CleanTech company, based in Nova Scotia, that specialises in turning sea waste into organic, cleaning products. They signed up for the Online Global programs which allowed them to tap into digital expertise and market insights for their exporting objectives that they didn't have in-house.

AquaNaka operates in a global business so the global online presence is really important for the buyer experience. The first step was working with IBT Online to completely overhaul their website to refine their marketing message and connect with their ideal clients.

IBT Online developed an online marketing strategy to connect with more prospects for AquaNaka outside of Atlantic Canada. Read their exact strategy to uplevel their online brand to be found, understood, and easy to do business with across Canada, North America, and the European Union.

The Online Global Programs have demonstrably boosted AquaNaka's international success! Listen to Lindsey Coshell and Barry Munro from AquaNaka to learn how the Online Global Programs helped their business achieve global growth by leveraging a local go-to-market strategy! As Coshell says: "We have been so fortunate. IBT Online will take us to the next level!" We didn't know how to appeal to audiences outside of Atlantic Canada. IBT Online helped us identify what we needed to do and how to make the websites function. Now we have a much more dynamic and attractive website for our US audience and Canada as well."

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Aqua Naka, based in Atlantic Canada, makes organic cleaners from sea waste. Up until now, they lacked the resources to market their products online and be found easily by their audience. "We needed a much higher caliber website" says Barry Munro, Founder of AquaNaka. 

They turned to IBT Online to revamp their domestic website. The most important thing to consider when redesigning a website is not beautiful graphics, a clever tagline, or unique design new elements. The most crucial component is to ensure your ideal client is the central focus. Every word, image, and section of the website should be written with your ideal client in mind. The website copy should answer their earnest questions and address their deep dark fears about your product. The graphics and design elements should appeal to their unique psyche and draw them in for more. Most of all, your website should demonstrate how your products solve their problem. 

Aqua Naka's ideal client is someone who values safe, natural household cleaners. They care about the environment and avoid bringing harsh chemicals into their house. They take pride in having a clean, safe home for their family.

Once IBT Online helped Aqua Naka identify their ideal client persona, they could work together to design a website that connects with this type of person. The new website showcases images of pristine homes and natural elements. In addition, they highlight how their products have "no chemicals" which specifically addresses the major concerns of their ideal client.

To identify your ideal client, known as your 'buyer persona', take some time to consider the following details about them (the more specific you are, the better):

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Location (coastal climate, mountains, USA, Europe…)
  • Family dynamic (single, married, children…)
  • Income range
  • Personal values (environmental, health, or political concerns…)
  • Dreams and goals (grow their family, launch a business, save for retirement…)

The more you know about your ideal client, the better you can develop marketing content for your website that appeals directly to them.

Be Customer-Centric! 

Coshell admits; "We didn't know how to appeal to audiences outside of Atlantic Canada". The Canadian audience is diverse from Victoria to Halifax, province by province. It can be daunting to attract such a broad audience. The best strategy is often to develop localized websites tailored to each major market you serve. ASG Blog Image (3)

Aqua Naka launched two new localized websites: One in English for their North American audience and another in French for their Quebec-based customers. 

The localized websites are uniquely tailored to their target clients in those regions. Every word, design element, and feature is carefully curated to connect with the local customer. Even currency, units of measure, and other details have been converted so the customer can read and understand the product price and specifications in their native language.

"IBT Online helped us identify what we needed to do and how to make the website function," says Coshell. "Now we have a much more dynamic and attractive website for our US audience and Canada as well."

With their new localized websites, Aqua Naka's products can be found online, understood by their ideal client, and it's easy to do business across North America and Europe. "

We have been so fortunate" says Coshell, who looks forward to working with IBT Online more; "IBT Online will take us to the next level!"

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