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Germany's Online Environment Infographic

Posted by Joelle Lazzarotto on Tue, Jan 04, 2022

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Germany is the largest economy in Europe, the fourth largest in the world, and among the top 3 exporters of the world. It is also a massive importer. The powerhouse of Europe, Germany is a priority destination for many exporters. German consumers and businesses are wary of the internet but are nonetheless ardent users, with 90% internet take-up. Ready to do business with US companies, Germans look to the internet for information before buying. Make sure your business is credible to your German prospects: get online, get localized websites! 

Use online tools to your advantage to be found, understood, and transact your business in Germany. 

If you want to learn more about this exciting market, make sure to check out our webinar about Germany: How to Sell Online in Germany

The infographic below will help you understand the potential of Germany's online environment, social media, and ecommerce.

Our infographic shows you:
  1. The online environment of Germany
  2. Social media in Germany
  3. Ecommerce- What do they buy and how?
I hope you enjoy, and happy exporting!
PS. It's important to keep in mind that Germany and its citizens are adamant about enforcing GDPR! To learn more, watch the webinar by clicking on the call to action below, or check out our services!

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