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How Facebook Groups Can Help Exporters Grow their Business Globally

Posted by Alex Webb on Mon, Jan 06, 2020

How can Facebook groups increase your conversion rate?

Recently, I was lucky enough to attend the INBOUND 2019 conference in Boston! This was a great opportunity to learn about emerging trends in digital marketing. One session which really stuck with me was focused on the role of Facebook groups and how they’re gaining influence as user’s seek new ways to cut through the "noise" and find solutions. This makes FB groups a potent tool for companies looking to develop brand awareness in international markets and grow their exports. With the correct engagement, solving real issues for your potential clients, FB groups can act as a platform to engage honestly with your prospects, building brand awareness and the long-term trust needed to turn leads into revenue.

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Firstly, FB groups are evolving. Even by Facebook standards, they have invested heavily to make this happen. For example, take a look at your Facebook via the mobile app. You may have noticed a new design where the iconic blue ‘Groups’ icon is now at the top of your page. Why? Because Facebook wants Groups at the “heart of the app”.

Users: Why do they value FB groups?

There are several reasons why users are moving towards FB groups:

  1. People need empathy – Typically people engage with posts when they feel like they’re being cared for. As a company, FB groups gives you the opportunity to show you care about your target audience.
  2. People need privacy – With the sensitive issue of data protection on social media, people are looking for new ways to ask questions confidentially. FB groups can be set to private, only allowing group members to view and respond to your query. Being part of this closed community can enhance trust in your company.
  3. People need answers – Posting in a group that has hundreds of members that share a common interest gives people multiple chances to improve their awareness of a particular issue.

So, what does this mean for Marketers?

Most marketers think that simply posting on a company Facebook page with paid budget is enough. False. Reports show that posts published by a company Facebook page had an engagement rate of 4% vs a post within a Facebook group which stood at 40%!

This provides a great opportunity for marketers to create conversations with users who are in different stages of the customer journey. For instance, at the ‘Awareness stage’ (top of the funnel), FB groups can be used to reach prospects when they are first getting to know you as you have a destination you can bring them to. This could be a piece of content which helps get your company top of the mind of the user.

As a client, the perfect introduction of FB groups will be at the point where you’ve gone through the website build and begin to think about a marketing program. As your website goes live, it’s crucial to hit the ground running and strengthen your brand. FB groups can be used to engage and connect with users via Facebook ads. With these users joining the group they actively share questions and solve problems with a like-minded community. As users find solutions to their pain-points, they are delighted. As a result, they become brand ambassadors and start to promote your FB group through other sources.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions either: “What are you interested in?” “What problems are you experiencing?”. As a marketer, this can help you figure out solutions for the challenges faced by your prospects and clients. Solutions can be in the form of blogs, videos, testimonials etc.

Preparation is key! Before you start posting content in your FB group, make sure you have a clear strategy in place and content all prepared. Posting sporadically with content that does not follow a coherent path creates an impression of ‘spam’. Obviously the worst outcome for your brand!  

How do you turn numbers into clients?

It’s all well and good explaining the value but now you need to know how to build and convert your FB group into revenue, leads etc.

To build a FB group, the key thing is to make it easy for users to join. How?

  • Link the group to your email footer.
  • Post and link the group to your company Facebook page.
  • Embed a Facebook link on your website that sends the user straight to your group.
  • Keep attracting with regular videos, challenges, events etc.

To convert this group into revenue, you need to be THE destination!

  • Most marketers promote the ‘why’ a problem occurs but don’t teach ‘how’ to solve – teach them both.
  • Be transparent, tell users about the results from product ‘X’ or service ‘Y’.
  • Use your brand story to market towards group members.
  • Tease your users, use phrases like: “You won’t believe what’s happening in our Facebook group” Keep them guessing!

In summary, there are many different ways you can use FB groups to help improve your export sales and build brand awareness. Get on board!

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