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Calling all North Carolinian Exporters!

Posted by John Worthington on Mon, Mar 11, 2019

North Carolina Online Global-Blog

The North Carolina Online Global programs is the fastest way to grow  your international business. The top 3 benefits are: 

1) attracting new international clients and growing your exports with global localized websites and international online marketing programs

2) grow your online global exports, sales, brand and business success

3) STEP grants ($3,000) to invest in your international business development.

How does that work for you?

Make the internet work for you globally: help your international prospects, customers and partners find you, understand you and do business with you… The internet has changed the "go to international market business model", enabling digitally-savvy exporting SMEs to grow their sales, brands and businesses globally. 

IBT Online, an international digital marketing agency, partnering with the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC), together have create North Carolina Online Global programs to help your company succeed globally. Check out the 3 top benefits for your business:

  1. Be found, be understood and be easy to do business with in your top target markets 

The business world has gone through a radical paradigm “online” shift. Digitally-savvy exporting companies have grown from SMEs to multi-billion dollar multi-national enterprises (think UBER, Airbnb and 1,000’s of others…) leveraging online opportunities, internationally. You can do the same! We help you get online globally.

Our Online Global program clients experience a “Eureka” moment, rolling out into, on average, 5 markets with local websites and marketing, as their global business grows.

Companies with international localized websites and marketing, grow faster and are more successful!

Listen to John Loyack, Vice President, Global Business Services, talking about the North Carolina Online Global program and how this “innovative new program” helps North Carolinian businesses grow their exports, sales, brands and businesses internationally:

  1. Grow your online global exports, sales, brand and business faster

Grow your export sales faster as new clients are on-boarded and existing client business extended. Our Online Global client testimonials prove >20% year-on year export sales growth. Ensure awareness, credibility and trust in your brand, building your brand value, locally and globally.

Get in-market online knowledge, develop agents, resp and distributors, direct leads and clients, support on/offline shows and events, sell to businesses (B2B) and consumers (B2C), develop existing and grow new revenue streams. The Online Global program delivers reports and analytics and return on investment (as you grow your businesses top and bottom lines).

Listen to some of our clients talk about their Online Global success, recommending companies explore this great opportunity. Watch this video here…


3) Access grants to invest in your international business development

The EDPNC International Trade Division provides Export Assistance services in a number of areas, including trade show assistance, market entry strategy, advocacy and now the North Carolina Online Global program. 

North Carolinian companies are eligible for up to $3,000 in matching State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) Grant funds. And you can access these grants every year, to support your international business development, and our clients do!

Take advantage of this North Carolina Online Global program now, and grow your international business faster.

Get in touch today, to discuss the North Carolina Online Global program and the 3 top benefits to grow your business online globally.  

Contact us about the North Carolina Online Global Program

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