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4 Strategies for Successful International Tradeshows

Posted by Tom Sadtler on Mon, Feb 08, 2016

In my last blog I cover 3 strategies for optimizing your tradeshow preparation. In this blog I will cover 4 strategies for success during and after the tradeshow.

  1. Connect with prospects during the show to maximize your presence
  2. Qualify and prioritize your leads
  3. Follow up to convert leads into clients and build long term pipelines
  4. Measure return on investment and incorporate lessons learned


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Leverage Your International Trade Show Participation

Posted by Tom Sadtler on Thu, Feb 04, 2016

Two prior blogs have explored general steps to take in preparing for International Trades Shows and making the most during and after the trade show. In this blog, I explore using your website to enhance results from your trade show investments

Next to your company website, trade show participation may be the most important part of your marketing mix. Even “Personal selling” comes in behind trade shows. Today, trade fairs remain as crucial to business development as ever, despite fears that the internet would replace those vital face to face meetings. 

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Include Trade Shows in Your International Marketing Mix

Posted by Tom Sadtler on Tue, Jan 19, 2016

Trade shows are an important component of the marketing mix. A recent survey of 500 companies found that 83% listed trade shows as the 2nd most important “tool” in the marketing mix after the corporate website’s home page.

In this blog I cover 3 beginning strategies for getting the most out of your trade shows.

  1. Define and communicate clear objectives and metrics, including clear lines of responsibility and reward
  2. Identify the right trade show to achieve your international business objectives
  3. Prepare – broadcast your presence via multi-channels throughout the year
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