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A Canada Online Global Success Story

Posted by Emma Pautler on Tue, Aug 02, 2022

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Hero Image Masters Dental and IBT ONLINEMasters Dental Lab, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was eager to expand into new international markets, especially Germany. They decided to leverage IBT Online’s Canada Online Global programs to help launch their first localized website and grow their brand presence in Europe. Now, they have a fully functional German-language website, optimized for their prospects, and are already gaining brand recognition as leaders in digital dentistry across Europe!


As a Canadian exporter striving to boost their sales and brand recognition internationally, the Canada Online Global Programs have undoubtedly helped Masters Dental Lab in achieving their exporting objectives, as Barbara Christina Schatz, Strategic Business Advisor and Customer Experience Leader at Masters Dental Lab confirms: “Atlantic Canadians need to reach for opportunities and we’re so grateful for programs like this because it enables our future, it enables us to grow at levels we could not have grown without the support! It was exceptional!” 


Read how IBT Online and Masters Dental Lab worked together to launch this Canadian brand in Germany and establish their brand in Europe in a matter of months!

Watch this video of Barbara Christina Schatz, from Masters Dental Lab, discussing the ongoing brand and business growth thanks to the localized website, all delivered by IBT Online. As Schatz states: "I would recommend this program to other Atlantic Canadian companies. Without the program, we would not be able to reach prospects like we are now. The effort to get the website done would have been tremendous if we did it on our own. The IBT Online team was very professional and took a lot off our plates. They delivered on their promises."


Getting Started: Identify The Top Target Market  

When Masters Dental Lab explored what regions they should expand internationally, they knew Europe was top of the list. They chose to focus on the German market first because it is an area of growth and expansion in digital dentistry and dental technology. Plus, most of their team already spoke German! Schatz says: "We really wanted to get into this market."  


Schatz admits "As entrepreneurs, we know we need to expand. But it's scary." The Masters Dental Lab team were apprehensive about the resources that this venture would involve, and therefore decided to lean into the Canada Online Global Programs, hoping that this would alleviate the burden on their team. Not only did it ease the burden from Masters Dental Lab’s team but it also emboldened their exporting objectives, as Schatz says: "The IBT Online team take a lot off our plates, the work involved for us is reduced, and being a part of the program gave us the confidence to do more than just dip our toes into the market". Check out Masters Dental Lab's new localized website for the German market:

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Masters Dental And IBT ONLINEThe Canada Online Global Program is IBT Online’s signature program for helping Canadian exporters enter new markets through Localized Websites and International Online Marketing strategies. More consumers are using the internet to find products and services and make buying decisions. In fact, according to Hootsuite: 62% of the world's population are internet users, and each year 192 million people gain access to the internet. Successful exporting brands rely on digital marketing techniques, including localized websites, to reach these consumers worldwide and speak to their prospects directly in their local market. 


Launching a localized website is the natural first step and the most effective strategy when entering a new target market. This localized website represents your brand in the local language of your prospects, so your business can be found, understood, and easy to do business with! When you have a localized website, prospective clients can understand, relate to, and engage with you; building the trust necessary for a successful buyer's journey.


It's a no-brainer, and Masters Dental recognized this: “Translating into German and hosting in Europe, so that its accessible to Germans. Without this program we would not have been able to reach in the way that we did.”


Objectives: Establish Brand Recognition EnviroKlenz Number2 (3)

Localized websites help brands grow exports, sales, and business in new markets. Masters Dental Lab's objectives for their new localized German website were simple: to sell virtual consultations and courses through ecommerce, provide education and guidance to those in the industry, and develop mentoring programs through partners and one-on-one relationships.  


To do this, IBT Online built a new website for their German audience and helped to solidify their foothold in this foreign market. This new website remains in line with the look and feel of their domestic website, but is hosted in Europe, translated into the German language, and optimized for keyword research, all of which ensures Masters Dental Lab can be found by local German prospects on their preferred platforms. Whereas Masters Dental Lab would previously not have been easily found in German search engines, today it ranks among the top results within the industry in German as Schatz says this solved "a big problem for them." 


Masters Dental Lab now have a brand presence in Germany that showcases their products and services. Yet this localized website is more than just an online shop, the website is designed to translate the credibility and reputation to German prospects that Masters Dental Lab has sought hard to establish in Canada, as Schatz relates: "IBT Online did a really good job positioning us as experts and leaders in digital dentistry and dental technology in this country!"  


Their new localized website increases credibility and trust to prospects in Germany, thus enhancing their brand value globally. This provides the avenue for long-term, sustainable brand growth in Germany and Europe, which will yield export sales for years to come.   


Fall Wedding Blog GraphicLooking Forward: The Canada Online Global Programs 

Schatz and the Master's Dental Lab team are looking forward to expanding into more markets soon. With their eyes on the U.S. market, Masters Dental Lab look forward to an ongoing partnership with IBT Online to achieve their next exporting objectives: "We would welcome the opportunity to work with IBT Online again because the opportunities are there and we all know that Atlantic Canadians need to reach for opportunities and again, we are so grateful to programs like these because it enables our future and enables us to grow at levels we could not have grown without the support" says Schatz.  


Masters Dental Lab recommends the Canada Online Global programs for other Canadian exporters and would certainly consider IBT Online as a trusted partner in achieving their exporting objectives.


As Schatz says: "I would recommend this program to other Atlantic Canadian companies. Without the program, we would not be able to reach prospects like we are now. The IBT Online team was very professional and took a lot off our plates. They delivered on their promises."  


Click here to learn more about the Canada Online Global Programs and how localized websites can benefit your Canadian business in your international target markets. Ready to meet the IBT Online Team? Get in touch!