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ASG extend their global online presence with IBT Online

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Wed, Sep 13, 2017

Extending the online reach – building on success

Following the success of their Chinese and Mexican websites, Avionics Support Group, Inc (ASG) management had Brazil and Japan in their sights. IBT Online delivered the first localized websites for ASG’s export markets in 2016. Payback was rapid, with ASG securing their best-ever China deal within weeks of the website going live: export orders more than doubled within the year. So it was an easy decision to extend the ASG online footprint to the next priority export markets: Japan and Brazil. 

Harnessing market potential

Both markets are potentially huge for ASG, but they also have specific business and online challenges. Each market is different, so the objective of each localized website can be different: building brand awareness might be the priority for one market, while generating leads and attracting new reps might be the primary goal for another. In each case, the websites need to be fully customized, understandable to the target audiences, and optimized for local search engines.

 ASG Japan homepage.jpg


Building local buyers trust

One of the motivators for a Japanese website is an annual trade show attended by many of ASG’s prospects. This meant a tight deadline for IBT Online to deliver the fully customized Japanese website as it is a great tool to boost contacts and leads ahead of and during the show. The Japanese business world responds well to localized websites as it demonstrates long-term commitment by the exporter. But Japanese websites can be challenging: from Yokogaki script writing left-to-right, to distinct cultural variations.

Optimizing websites for the local search engines (SEO) is at the core of all good localized websites. While Yahoo is a strong contender in Japan, Google commands over 90% share in Brazil. So, while IBT Online has now built a few websites for ASG, each website is specific to the country, optimized for the local market and search engine, providing a unique, customized online business tool.

IBT Online is proud to be associated with ASG’s growing international success. Samantha Soffici, Online Business Development Manager at IBT Online says: “It’s great to see the export markets responding so well to the new websites. ASG operate in a global business so the global online presence is really important for the buyer experience.” Check out what ASG management has to say:



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