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Farecla’s website localization and digital marketing in China

Posted by Susanna Hardy on Fri, Oct 05, 2018

Farécla Products Limited (Farécla) had decided to invest in a website for one of their most important export markets, China. But the website was not localized or optimized for the Chinese market. The contents had been translated into Chinese characters but without background expertise in how Chinese websites actually function or how to connect with prospective Chinese customers: the website was not fit for purpose. Management began reviewing possible solutions with IBT Online and we are proud to have helped Farécla build a great Chinese online platform for doing business: a fully localized, optimized and functioning website that acts as a springboard for social media, online marketing, ecommerce – in line with the company’s strategy to grow their sales, brands and businesses in China.

Farécla is a world leader in surface finishing solutions, supplying to a variety of markets worldwide, from automotive and aerospace to manufacturing and consumer retail. Farécla, headquartered in the U.K., have always been export-minded and today boast exports to 120 countries. But management realized that the world is changing – it’s online. To gain real brand awareness and long-term sales in a local market, you need a local online presence. As Farécla’s International Market Development Director, Mirjana Prokic, says, “we decided to do it smarter”.

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China is one of the company’s most important export markets and a localized website is essential for doing business there. The larger the market, the more imperative it is to have a local online presence. In Farécla’s own words, China “is a difficult market but IBT Online just cracked it”. Chinese websites and online marketing are highly specific, based on Chinese search engines and Chinese social media platforms and all need to be fine-tuned to suit local Chinese prospective buyers.

As soon as the new China website was launched, IBT Online worked with the Farécla team to create and optimize engaging social media for the China market. Farécla had established their own corporate entity in late 2017 and that, coupled with their in-market partners, made it easy to create a WeChat account – the most powerful social media platform in China. Combining WeChat and Weibo allowed for a wider reach to nurture the Farécla brand. IBT Online helps with content creation as well – modelling it on the company’s existing content but fully localizing the content to suit Chinese buyers. Regular reporting and reviewing Baidu analytics means the IBT Online and the Farécla teams keep on the same page – all focused on building Farécla’s sales, brand and business in China.

Farécla management are excited about extending their online presence to other international markets and IBT Online are proud and delighted to help. Management are now targeting South America, Russia, Poland and other markets to gain the global online footprint needed in today's business world. Farécla’s international team were essential in making the whole project work so why not listen to what the Farécla International Market Development Director has to say:



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