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Online business development websites are more important than ever in an age of social distancing, especially for companies with international ambitions.

COVID-19 is impacting businesses everywhere - supply chains, international travel, conferences, trade shows…. Your online presence plays a vital role to make sure your business keeps up and running.

Join us as we explore how online business development websites can help mitigate the effects of COVID-19.

Localized websites to reach global markets
Helping international distributors and suppliers via your website
Trade shows and social distance? Online alternatives
Identifying new international sources and partners
Is ecommerce now a must-have?
SBDC... a helping hand
....and more!

Using case studies and practical examples, we share our experiences of how companies use localized websites and international online marketing to grow their exports, sales, brands and businesses globally.

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                              Meet the experts:

Aaron Scott Miller
Manager for international Trade, Economic Development, SME Export, Public Policy and Business Development, VSBDC

Aaron is responsible for the international trade initiative for the Virginia Small Business Development Centers at George Mason University. He is also the sole international trade manager in the Commonwealth of Virginia.




America’s SBDC represents America’s nationwide network of Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) – the most comprehensive small business assistance network in the United States and its territories. The mission of America’s SBDC is to represent the interests of our members and their SBDCs, by promoting, informing, supporting and continuously improving America’s nationwide network of SBDCs. The mission of America’s nationwide network of SBDCs is to help new entrepreneurs realize the dream of business ownership, and to assist existing businesses to remain competitive in the complex marketplace of an ever-changing global economy.


Samantha Soffici
Online Business Development Manager, IBT Online

Samantha works with companies that are looking to increase their international presence. By understanding their routes to market and their international business objectives, Samantha helps steer the company towards the appropriate online tools that IBT Online offers. At home in North and South America, Samantha is an expert in the international world.


Susanna Hardy
Chief Content Officer, IBT Online

Susanna serves as Chief Content Officer at IBT Online. As such, Susanna is involved in all aspects of content used in effective business online tools, from content creation to content optimization for search engines and online marketing. Susanna brings her expertise in international business development and marketing to the IBT Online team and has worked with a wide spectrum of companies to reach, develop and succeed in export markets. Recognizing the importance of content for building brand awareness and sales, Susanna helps companies to ensure their online presence is working hard for them.





IBT Online provides website localization and international online marketing services to help companies grow their sales, brands and businesses online globally. Our Online Global programs (website localizationinternational online marketing and website management) makes sure your company gets found, understood and is easy to do business with across international markets.