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Leverage Online B2B Sales to make 2022 your best export year.

Online tools are no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have!

Learn from IBT Online on how to grow your exports, sales, brand and business globally!

Join us as we share expertise and experience in delivering localized websites and online marketing.

Make the internet work for you globally.

Insights and opportunities:

What has changed in the B2B online world? Today's best-practice, optimally localized business development websites
Be found, be understood, and be easy to do business with in your target markets globally
Connect with your customers, increase brand awareness 
How to help your international distributors and in-market partners

Boost your leads and sales in your target market
Sell online with ecommerce
Case studies - how companies are using online tools today 

Online Global Programs and grants - how to apply and how they help

Polls and surveys: 
Attendee participation and feedback.

The presentation, polls, survey and lots more to grow your exports, sales, brand and business online and globally.

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                            Meet the Experts:


Jonathan Szucs
President at Advanced Superabrasives Inc / Vice Chair of the
National Association of District Export Councils

Jonathan is dedicated to providing customers with a quality product with unmatched customer service. His management team is comprised of engineers with over 100 years of grinding wheel production knowledge. His goal is that customers can expect ASI to continually look to improve its products and services. Under Jonathan’s leadership in successfully developing global distributors, ASI earned the 2013 Presidential “E” Award for Exporting Excellence.



Andrew Lawlor
Senior Online Business Development Manager, IBT Online

Andrew helps companies grow their exports, sales, brand and business through the usage of website localization and online digital marketing. He works closely with State Trade Agencies, to ensure the growth and nurturing of their International Marketing strategies. He builds relationships with clients and people - who trust this process and look forward to using localized websites as an additional branch to their business.


Susanna Hardy
Chief Content Officer, IBT Online

Susanna serves as Chief Content Officer at IBT Online and is involved in all aspects of content used in effective business online tools, from content creation to content optimization for search engines and online marketing. Susanna brings her expertise in international business development and marketing to IBT Online. Recognizing the importance of content for building brand awareness and sales, Susanna helps companies to ensure their online presence is working hard for them.

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IBT Online 

IBT Online provides website localization and international online marketing services to help companies grow their sales, brands and businesses online globally. Our Online Global programs (website localizationinternational online marketing and website management) makes sure your company gets found, understood and is easy to do business with across international markets.