India: The world's largest democracy

THE wORLD'S 7th LARGEST ECONOMY, 6TH largest manufacturing country and globaly ranked for Automotive, Engineering, ICT, Aviation, Pharma and Biotech... 12TH LARGEST CONSUMER MARKET IN THE WORLD

No exporter can ignore the Indian market: the size, the competition and the opportunities. Get essential facts, figures, inside information and tips on the Indian business environment.

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Who should be reading this ebook?

Whether you are already exporting or just setting out, IBT Online's free ebook will help you discover more about the opportunities for business in India – the essential facts and figures to help determine next steps and ideal routes to market.

This ebook covers:

India: Overview
Political snapshot
Economic snapshot
Main sectors
Main companies
Private companies
Gateway to Asia Pacific
Imports, exports and regulations
Foreign direct investment in India
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