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     Creating Great Content for Localized Websites

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Great online content is the key to engage with your business prospects. But getting it right for your international websites can be complex.

How do you keep front-of-mind for your existing clients and engage with your future business prospects? The answer is using great content for your website and your marketing. But managing content for different markets can seem daunting, and it shouldn’t be!   

Join our experts as we explore strategies, tips, and share our experiences in creating content for global markets- from content creation to strategies, platform choices, and repurposing.

We'll be discussing:
How to identify and define your international buyer persona
Mapping your international buyer's journey
Localized websites and international online marketing
Different strategies for different markets
Repurposing content for different markets and platforms
Which media platforms perform best in which markets?
....and more!

Using case studies and practical examples, we explore how to optimize your website and marketing through content - enabling you to grow your exports, sales, brands and businesses globally.

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The presentation, polls, survey and lots more to grow your exports and business internationally

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                              Meet the experts:


Samantha Soffici
Online Business Development Manager, IBT Online

Samantha works with companies that are looking to increase their international presence. By understanding their routes to market and their international business objectives, Samantha helps steer the company towards the appropriate online tools that IBT Online offers. At home in North and South America, Samantha is an expert in the international world.


Susanna Hardy
Chief Content Officer, IBT Online

Susanna serves as Chief Content Officer at IBT Online. As such, Susanna is involved in all aspects of content used in effective business online tools, from content creation to content optimization for search engines and online marketing. Susanna brings her expertise in international business development and marketing to the IBT Online team and has worked with a wide spectrum of companies to reach, develop and succeed in export markets. Recognizing the importance of content for building brand awareness and sales, Susanna helps companies to ensure their online presence is working hard for them.


Joelle Lazzarotto
Senior Online Marketing Manager, IBT Online  

Joelle heads up the IBT Online Marketing Team, working closely with our clients to provide strategic insights and marketing campaigns’ management to ensure we always deliver great and measurable results. Having lived and worked on digital marketing projects in several regions around the world, Joelle has developed a strong experience in digital international marketing across a number of industries. 



IBT Online provides website localization and international online marketing services to help companies grow their sales, brands and businesses online globally. Our Online Global programs (website localizationinternational online marketing and website management) makes sure your company gets found, understood and is easy to do business with across international markets.