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Three website ghosts that will scare off your visitors

Posted by Tracula Santava on Fri, Oct 30, 2015

Don’t give your website visitors the creeps (well, unless you’re selling props for horror movies or promoting a haunted house tour). Give them the experience they deserve! In this Halloween blog special, we’ll give you three design elements that you should avoid having on your website, because they’re terrifyingly outdated, deadly boring, or just… bloody awful. So what are these website ghosts?

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The UK is now a smartphone society

Posted by Michael Hawksley on Tue, Sep 01, 2015

Did you miss it?

Walking around any place in the UK it is hard not to see someone looking at their smartphone, therefore it is not surprising that the UK’s Ofcom(1) report out in August 2015 heralding in the official status that the UK is a “Smartphone society” went largely unnoticed. So if you missed it (buried in the depths of a 435 page report) here it is…  “For the first time, the smartphone has overtaken the laptop as the device internet users say is the most important for connecting to the internet; in 2015 33% chose their smartphone…” and there is even a funky graph to go with it.

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April will mix up mobile search results as Google introduces a new ranking factor

Posted by Tereza Santava on Mon, Mar 23, 2015

It was predicted that 2014 would have been a milestone, when the number of Google searches carried out on mobile devices would surpass that of PCs. Although Google remains secretive about the exact proportion of mobile versus desktop search, it is estimated that half of searches do indeed come from smartphones and tablets.

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